Sunday, April 02, 2006

the trip back to France-the last night

It was about four o'clock p.m ( irish time ) when our bus arrived at Rosslare. We left at five. After a tour on the boat (which had a posh restaurant, a café, a bar, a lounge, a "teen center", a shop, a movie theater, even a hairdresser and greatly smelled of cow ) and the discovery of our rooms ( that weren't designed to appeal to claustrophobics and also smelled of cow ), we decided to go on the deck to enjoy the view and fresh air. The sea was beautiful but there was a lot of wind and some of us nearly flew off the boat while singing Titanic.
That evening Mr.Griffin received a very "special" present : a nice shamrock covered thong. He greatly enjoyed this small gift and the card that came with it ( signed with comments such as " I hope you grow some hair ", " I feel sick " or " the leprechauns made me buy this "). We had him promise to wear it some day so if you ever notice, tell us!
That night after dinner and some vomiting we returned to the lounge. There an irish man sang or rather " ruined " old depressive songs for about an hour and a half. We were very happy when he left and gave way to the DJ. Everybody started dancing wildly except the teachers, Samuel and our driver Robert, who all sat at a table with impressive pints of beer, observing us and looking discouraged. In the end, we were so dizzy we weren't sure if the boat was moving because of us or if we were moving because of the boat.
The music stopped at twelve, much to our dismay, and while some of us went straight to bed to our cow -fragranced rooms, others stayed up the rest of the night, playing cards or just talking.
We arrived at Cherbourg at one o'clock p.m ( french time ), tired and cranky. We finaly reached our dear Balzac at seven o'clock and found anxious parents waiting for us.
We thanked our great driver Robert who had to put up with us the whole week, as well as the teachers, and went home, all half asleep but happy.