Monday, April 10, 2006


It was 11a.m, in front of Balzac when panic started to rise: we couldn't take the boat from Cherbourg to Roscoff, because of strong winds. After Mr Griffin's long conversations on the phone with the travel agency, we left for Calais by bus.
From time to time, we stopped to stretch our legs, eat at a petrol station and watched films in the coach, then we arrived at Calais around 5p.m to take the shuttle. Some people were upset because they couldn't see any fish (Mr Griffin's "hilarious" joke), on the other hand we arrived safely in Folkstone. We went past London, and stopped near Oxford to have "dinner"(not very healthy food: Crunchies, Aeros, Cream Eggs, etc...). When we were to get back in the coach, it was pooring down, everybody was soaked when they got in because "some people" (Thomas & Theo) were blocking the door, so that everyone was stuck with their legs in and heads out in the dreadful english weather.
Apart from that, we stopped in Whales, and "some girls" (Anyssa, Solanne, Eva, Nina and Tara) had a water fight in the bathroom at 1 o'clock in the morning. "I'm here for the water story", said the cleaning lady as they ran out.
3.a.m: We arrived at Hollyhead and took the ferry for Dublin. The crossing lasted three hours which were three hours of talking gibberish, because we were too tired to think. we arrived at Dublin harbour at 6am.