Thursday, April 06, 2006


We took the ferry to the Aran Islands on Sunday morning. It was relatively big with seats inside and on the top but not big enough to stop it from rocking. Some students were scared, others sick, and the rest were just jumping around and screaming. We were all impressed by the movement of the ship, the force of the waves, the movement of the ship, and the beautiful scenery (oh, and the movement of the ship too). We arrived in Inishmore safely about forty minutes later, with no "lost" students.

Once we arrived there, one group with the majority of the students hired bikes to visit the island, while the other group walked all day. It was windy but sunny, which was surprising as we were in Ireland, and it was also rather warm.

The bike ride lasted about 5 hours, with the lunch break, the refreshment of some people in the sea, and the visit to the castle. The castle, Dun Aengus, only had three walls, as it was built on a cliff. After going up the hill to visit, some people were delighted to sit down on the edge of the cliff and admire the 84-meter drop, causing Mr. G to nearly wet himself!

We had a 2 hour bike ride to go back, and we had one hour to "decorate" the beach with lovely messages. We learned that the Irish had too many stones and didn't know what to do with them, so they used them to build stone walls about everywhere they could. If they would have used them for another purpose, they would have enough to go to New York.

We took the ferry at 4h30. The trip was rockier than on the way there, enabling some people to experience the forces of the wind against saliva. We arrived at about 5h15 on the mainland, and reached Galway at 6h30, with faces covered in salt.