Sunday, April 09, 2006


Being in a family means being hosted for a certain amount of time. We are fed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are two types of families: some welcome students for pleasure, and others for money. Many of the students brought presents to the families to thank them, but unfortunatly some of them were immediatly put aside. We were led to our frozen rooms (considered being the warmest in the house). They then put down rules:
-Stay in our rooms until dinner
-Make no noise
-Be back straight after the arrival of the bus
-Respect the curfew etc...
After that, we had dinner without the family in the kitchen. Funnily enough, we all ate the same type of food: junk. Later on, showers were to be taken. For some of us, it took around twenty minutes to wet our entire body. Nevertheless, the trip was great fun and some families weren't that bad. Many thanks to Mr G!!!