Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Cliffs of Moher

Monday morning, Greg and Paul woke up to a nice breakfast and left their house around 8:20 to go to the checkpoint, James Joyces gardening shop. There they met up with Theo and Arthur. All of a sudden, a dog got ru over by a car. Arthur and Paul took the dog onto the sidewalk so it wouldn't get hurt. The lady who had hit the dog came back and took him to the vet just as the bus arrived. Paul and Arthur and Theo and Gregoire rejoiced that the dog was now saved.

Later that morning, we set off to the cliffs of Moher. There we went directly to the only shop in the small confined buildings. We weren't allowed to bring our bags inside. The old ladies who kept the shop screamed like harpies. A majority of the students bought ice cream. They fled out of the shop as the ladies started to howl again. We were freezing, so we started walking up the hill towards the cliffs to warm our bodies. Soon, as a tower came into sight, we regained our blood circulation and ate around the castle. Shazmeen kept chasing plastic bags in the strong wind. We were about 90 meters above the sea with no barriers whatsoever to stop us from falling; There were actually barriers, but on the wrong side of the path so nobody could come in, but I think it was to keep us from going out... The cliffs are really high and it totally freaked Mr Griffin out (our totally cool but freaked out teacher).
There was a tower called O'Brians tower, we saw some pretty funky guys(or weirdos if you ask me, take a look at the photos!!!)