Monday, April 03, 2006

Boogie nights

What we did at night by valentine and imogen.

The first night we were all too tired to go out so we stayed in and had early nights. By the second night we were all out having fun, and doing what the 3eB do best that is PARTYING. Most met up at the Church and then went to the park, most of the time we went up to joyce's (an irish supermarket) and bought enough candy and crisps to feed half of Ireland. The second night, everyone had to explore a bit because we didn't know where things were. Some didn't even try and they just met up with other people. Others had problems meeting up so that's why we had to bring them back. The local people were reeeaaallly friendly and were very chatty and generous to us.
When it was near the time to go back home we accompanied Rebi,Raphi, Suzanne, and the guys back to there house and we chatted on the lawn in front of the guy's house. To get back to our house was simple in theory but in fact quite hard. We had to do what Irish people do best, that is jumping over walls. we had to go over a small wall then climb up on top of another one and jump 3 meters down onto a road. It wasn't the first time Imogen and Valentine did "opérations kamikazes", but for very "unsporty" people such as Shazmeen, it was the first time and she was coping pretty hard. This was quite fun the first couple of times, although we sort of hurt ourselves a lot having to jump down and roll about on tarmac, which is quite painful suprisingly. On the last night we were more than three to do this, the ones who hadn't done it before had to be helped down; we made a lot of noise that night. Most were home but some lived further away. There was a little passage way down by the side of the church, which wasn't lit and is quite scary to do at night, especially since Suzanne told us someone had been stabbed down there. So the people that were left didn't want to take that passage way, I (Valentine) showed them a different way to go.